Don't let the innocent freckled face and four foot tall and fifty pound (soaking wet) frame fool you.  This little bundle of engergy and an oversized hamster wheel could light up Chicago for decades.  At seven years of age, Cassie possesses an unconventional wisdom beyond her years and an imagination that arguably surpasses her energy output.  Her ability to communicate with stuffed toys, animals, and at times, apparently nothing, is still a matter for debate amongst her parents and other adults.  What is not debatable, however, is her knack for keeping things stirred up.  One can be assured that when Cassie is about, excitement is not far behind.
A loving mother and devoted wife, Mom is kept busy tending to her horse breeding operation, caring for a managerie of pets and farm critters, and looking after her children.  Although not a stern disciplinarian, she just doesn't have the time to put up with nonsense and will typically squash a "situation" before it reaches disastrous proportions.  In her free time, Mom likes to go horseback riding or to sit down with a cup of coffee and the latest copy of Equus.
A loving father and devoted husband, Dad takes a somewhat different approach to handling life's daily ordeals than does Mom.  He finds it easier to roll with the punches and let the Cassie-generated predicaments resolve themselves.  A big softie, his "baby girl" tends to get away with a lot more than she really should.  Just a big kid at heart, he can often be found playing right along with Cassie in whatever direction her imagination happens to be taking her (usually because she suckers him into it).  When not working from home or consulting at a client site, Dad helps out around the ranch and lets the circus entertain him.
Cassie's big sister, or "Sissy" is 13 and at the age when boys are no longer disgusting, parents are mentally impaired, and little sisters are nothing but pains in the neck.  With age comes responsibility and Danielle has recently been given more ranch duties and the task of keeping an eye on her little sister when Mom is busy.  Personally, Sissy would rather muck out a barn-full of stalls than play with her sister, but she accepts her new responsibilites with dignity and grace.  Yeah, and pigs fly.  Danielle's recent interest in boys provides her little sister with an endless supply of excuses to torment her.
Sebastian is Cassie's tabby cat and one of the "lucky" critters at the ranch who gets to lead a luxurious life indoors.  Cassie and Sebastian can often be seen running and cavorting through the house without a care in the world, though most would swear they were re-enacting "Tom and Jerry" episodes.  Even though Sebastian undergoes horribly embarassing and degrading acts at the hands of Cassie, they remain best buddies.
Rabbit and Bear
Rabbit and Bear are two of Cassie's favorite stuffed animals.  Rabbit is rather aggressive and a bit crotchity, while Bear is meek and softspoken.  Both of these unlikely compatriots often accompany Cassie and Sebastian on their many adventures.